History & Aim

    Face Body Clinic Clinic that takes care of you along with beauty and health. With full service Answer all the needs of customers of all ages Whether it is problems with the face, eyes, nose, chin, skin problems, laser treatments, lifting, hair removal, slimming, health problems, detoxification, vitamins, covering all problems With a long experience of doctors and expert teams Professional services For excellent treatment results Combined with standardized service.

    Body Clinic takes care with confidence in the results so you can see the change clearly by combining the latest innovations with the special expertise of the medical team and the well-maintained team.

    Face Body Clinic led by Dr. Thiwong Wuttikamjorn, an ophthalmologist and cosmetic surgery specialist Having more than 10 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. The most important thing in cosmetic surgery is The perfect combination of science and art To answer all kinds of problems, The doctor brought the medical knowledge that he had studied with many overseas workshops and a variety of surgical experience. Come together with an artistic perspective to make the best work out And receive with the face of the customer Matching the individual's personality And the most natural look Which the conclusion is Satisfaction of both the doctor and the client.

    Dr. Theer has special expertise in the eyes. Which the eyes can be considered as the most important part on the face It is the point to attract the eye and convey the most effective feeling. If the eyes are beautiful, 80% of the face is beautiful Subunits over millimeters Dr. Thir is a person who likes to work with high resolution. And then directly affects the overall beauty of the face In every surgery Doctor is considered as creating art work. The first art is Listening to customers and analyzing customer needs exactly at the point While explaining to customers the same picture Because to make the surgery successful Must be born from the cooperation of both parties Is a team of doctors, nurses and customers.

    The most important thing is If done, customers are happy. Confident in his new look Beautiful in the way he dreams The Face Body team can be considered Succeeded and enjoyed the satisfaction of the customers.



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