"After injection of white skin" How to care for the skin to make the skin beautiful

"White skin is beautiful". How to attract the most eye. Injection of white skin to boom all over the country throughout the city like today. Which each clinic provides Often have a variety of recipes Depending on where we are conveniently located, go there because most of them are almost the same. But after injecting the skin How do we take care of the skin after injection? We will tell you.

1. Sunny. This is a great enemy. Which we should avoid as much as possible Trying to wear a long-sleeved shirt, keep the sunscreen regularly, SPF50 ++ and above. Very good. Because the skin after injection Will be quite sensitive to light We have to protect the skin as much as possible. To keep the skin white with us for a long time.

2. Party lines have to try to reduce the number of partying a little. This alcoholic beverage is good. Because it has a part that will destroy the glutathione Which is glutathione Will be an important aid to make our skin whiter And can help with the aging of the body too easily.

3. Drink plenty of water. The more the room temperature is, the better. To maintain the moisture of the skin Makes the skin glow healthy and helps strengthen the circulation of the injected glutathione Show results and have faster performance.

4. Use products that contain ingredients that help exfoliate skin, whether it is acid, AHA PHA or skin scrub 1-2 times a week at the beginning. To accelerate the exfoliation of old skin cells To create a new skin that is naturally white Injected white skin Yes, that's going to be white. Depends on taking care of yourself after that If you follow all of the above Believe that your skin health will come back unbelievably well and beautiful skin will stay with us for a long time.
Have our intestines demanded a Detox?
Believe that many people who are reading here Might be thinking "I excrete every day My intestine is normal. "Think wrong. Tell me here that excretion every day. Does not mean The waste in your intestines is 100% complete. Don't be confused. What do we consume? Does it really come out? To think again

Do you know anything? That illness That results in various diseases There is a cause from our long "intestines" that are good, toxic substances, residues, etc. From food and drinks Which we eat, compressing it every day Not less than 3 meals a day. This size is not counted as a fussy food. It will drive out every day. It is impossible Change this belief "Excrete every day Does not mean that our intestines are clean. "

Now, how do we know? That the intestines that we are now at the level So let's check out the simple symptoms. If you have more than 3 of these symptoms, this is the "warning signal !!" To see it up

Easily upset Have chronic headaches Not sleep well Fatigue, easy, tired, sensitive, high stress Or if anyone thinks This is a basic symptom. Usually I am a person like this already. So go and see how to observe the next.

Is a person who eat less vegetables and fruits Eat mostly meat. Like eating grilled food (Believe that it is a favorite of many people) like to eat sweets, stick to tea, coffee (love, caffeine, living better), stick to soft drinks, consumes food, 5 nutrients, that's it !! Getting started, right? Where to try to check in the next joints?

With constipation on a regular basis Like colic, tight, frequent flutter, frequent fart, easy diarrhea, chronic digestive problems See Hepatitis Virus. Try to keep checking. Started to have various diseases already The danger began to visit our body. Let's go to the last point.

Pain in the joints, foul breath (until the people around them have to retreat), allergy, strong smell (the spray is not already applied), easy to be susceptible to various infections (sun exposure is a little breeze) Already sick), obese or thin, over the standard Acne begins to visit, the skin begins to dry, rough, skin color begins to dull.

Oh !! In addition to being bad for the body The outside is even worse. Because still He campaigned to start taking care of the beauty from within. And the outside is beautiful It's true. Do not believe it must believe Excrete every day. Yes, it is safe. If checked We are having these 3 symptoms. Should be "Detox" quickly. Can do by yourself by searching for detoxification information from the internet. But not sure whether to remove waste from the intestines If you want to be sure Go to a clinic that provides health and beauty services. Sleep. Enjoy. It won't take long. The waste was completely removed from the intestine. No residue, of course.
"Good bacteria" is really beneficial to our body?
Oops !! Who said that the bacteria would be good? I am afraid that she has many advantages to help maintain our physical health. But the advantages are only in "Good bacteria" only. Do not do anything dirty. Catch anything that has only the disease. That is all but the disadvantages. So, let's look at the advantages of good bacteria. What are some things?

• Helps to create many B vitamins such as vitamin B12, biotin, niacin (B3), B6 and folic acid
• Help digestion of milk such as lactase enzyme And dairy products
• Helps to digest other foods and helps make food absorption better Prevent flatulence
• Helps reduce certain carcinogens such as nitrosamines from sausage, nham
• Helps to control the amount of bad bacteria not to grow too much
• Help the intestines to work well
• Helps control blood cholesterol levels By increasing the rate of disintegration of bile with feces
• Allowing the body to recycle the hormone estrogen Thus prolonging the period of menopause symptoms Makes women less old and helps to improve calcium absorption
• Improves the resistance system Relieve allergy symptoms
• No acne
• It is reported that good bacteria Relieve the symptoms of eczema, allergic rash, migraine, gout, rheumatism, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, diarrhea
Why can yogurt fight against intestinal diseases?
"Sour milk" is a close-up that we know well since children grow up to be adults, right? Sour milk is a good food for the intestines because it has good microorganisms and also helps reduce the breeding of microorganisms that can cause spoiled food. Is a food that reduces toxins in the body

Fermented foods such as kimchi, pickled vegetables all contain lactic acid bacteria, but are not much in quantity. If you eat enough, it is several billion or tens of millions per day. There is only one way is to eat sour milk products.

Lactic acid bacteria In sour milk Will help balance the intestinal microflora directly Is an important weapon in maintaining intestinal health The most appropriate time to eat lactic acid bacteria is after meals because of the acid concentration in the food because the food will decrease. Lactic acid bacteria pass through the food because the food enters the intestine while lactic acid bacteria are still alive. Not all that Lactic acid bacteria Also helps reduce allergies Relieve inflammation Helps adjust immunity Help to prevent infection Reduce blood fat Eliminate cholesterol As well

How to choose sour milk To get the most benefit?

1. Is the label labeled Lactic Acid Bacteria clear? Good products often identify the names of lactic acid bacteria and the total amount.
2. See nutrition, energy, protein, carbohydrates (mainly sugar) information. Does fat contain additives that are beneficial to health, such as dietary fiber and trans fats that are harmful to health?
3. Is the place to be sold with good refrigeration? Lactic acid bacteria are living microorganisms, must be chilled, bought back, they must be stored in the refrigerator.
4. See expiration date Generally, it can be stored for 2 weeks. Should the activity still live. Do not leave it in the refrigerator until it expires.
How to prepare before going to the nose
4 things to do Before adding a nose What is the basis for preparation before going to receive rhinoplasty services No matter which clinic you go to First, first, above all else The most important thing is to first choose where to go to strengthen the nose, and what will be the main way to prepare. Dr. Uui would like to summarize the following easily.

1. Do not eat all vitamins before nose augmentation. But actually not only a few But for understanding Because today's nourishing vitamins will mix many vitamins together quite hard to get all the details. Some patients do not know what they are eating. It is a simple conclusion that Before going to rhinoplasty To abstain from eating at least 7 days

2. When making a nose appointment with any clinic Before surgery, please inform the clinic that we have any underlying diseases. And which medicine to take? In case of preparation before doing in addition to normal preparation

3. Cigarettes refrain from asking, why should refrain from drinking alcohol will make the wound after surgery harder to recover? Some of them have become embossed scars after nose augmentation. Therefore, in order to take care of yourself properly and to take care of yourself the best. Everything that is forbidden for yourself Avoid it should be avoided

4. Regarding the lack of water and food before the nose augmentation It depends on what type of nose surgery you have. If it is an anesthesia or anesthesia, it is recommended to refrain from drinking water and food for at least 6-8 hours before doing it. But if it is done by using local anesthesia only, it is recommended to eat some food but lightly Do not eat hard before the nose augmentation during 6-8 hours before doing it. However, for the preparation before adding the nose. You should ask for your own preparation. In each clinic to be clear Because the procedures in each clinic are not the same Some clinics may have more preparation. Or less than this If you have a nose, where should you follow the advice to prevent confusion in taking care of yourself.



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