Nong Sai job, Pretty, MC and Model


There is a problem with the double eyelid dodging in A young girl When makeup eyeliner tapping And the eyelashes are difficult to see But the eye is still not clear, not seeing the double eyelid Therefore decided to do eye surgery by Dr. Thir To change the small eye layer into bright and sharp eyes.

Double eyelid surgery by Dr. Theer with Scarlez-T technique. No pain, no wound, no need to stay for a long time.
(Photos for the surgery Theer + Nong Sai)


After 1 week

After 1 week after deciding to surgery for the eyes By Dr. Thir Nong Sai said that it is usually a swollen eye. But the doctor is delicate, every step of the process makes just a little swollen eye.


After 3 weeks of changing the boxing girl A beautiful girl, sweet girl Dr. Thier's eyes are now swollen. Get a double eyelid that has a little bit of sharpness Make Nong Sai confident No need to make makeup, reduce time.


Suggestions to anyone who has eye problems in various ways can visit us at Face Body Clinic by Dr. Thi. For the sand itself, like changing the look from a lot of eye surgery. Because it has a double eyelid that looks beautiful as desired The eyes are not large and not too small. Importantly, Dr. Loet is very friendly, including all the staff at the clinic.

(Current image that focuses on beautiful eyes in various looks)



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