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Premium Vitamin IV 
IV drip therapy is an effective way to deliver nutrients, vitamins, 
and medications to the body because this technique bypasses the digestive system. 
Supplements are administered directly into the bloodstream, 
making nutrients available for immediate use.
6 Unique Recipes
from Facebody Clinic
 Extra Bright
  Suitable for people who have never injected the skin before.

Vitamin C concentrated formula for people with dry skin. To restore radiant skin, 
it is recommended to continuously add vitamins to the skin, 
the skin will be bright.
 Crystar Bright 
  Suitable for people who work in the shade but exposed to light 

or a computer screen. Prevent colds increase clarity. Youthful skin 
recommended to replenish skin vitamins continuously, 
the skin will be white, clear and natural.
 Cocktail Bright 
   Suitable for people who are exposed to the sun. 
Contains sun protection, cold prevention, immune system. 
Prevent premature aging, clear skin with aura,
continuously add vitamins to the skin to make the skin more white.
 Healthy White
  Suitable for people who want a bright aura, white, 

clear, sun protection, cold prevention, immune Stimulates collagen, 
keeps skin hydrated. Continuous supplementation of 
vitamins is recommended. For the skin more white.
 Aura Detox 

    Suitable for those who need an urgent clear aura with sun 
protection And detoxification Stimulate the production of collagen 
Makes the body fresh and whiter 1-2 levels, recommended to 
do it continuously for good results. And clear skin.

 Celebrity Secrets
    Suitable for those who want aura, 

Antioxidant, clear skin and brain. Liver detox, detoxification.

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