Double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery Is the operation of surgery to have the eye layer or double eyelid To see the eye more clearly Both double eyelid problems, in one eye, uneven eyes, falling eyelids to change your eyes to look more sharp. By specialized doctors.

Double eyelid surgery techniques

1. Double eyelid surgery can be done in many ways. Depends on the problems of each patient Dr. Thiraphon has been able to run out, regardless of whether the surgery is done with stitching of the eye layer, short slit, long slit, cutting, collecting leather or excess fat. Or technique Scarlez-T The unique technique of Dr. Thi
Because eye surgery requires a lot of expertise, resolution, and surgeon's experience. If choosing a doctor with expertise to solve the problem at the point Do not have to repeatedly.

2. Double eyelid surgery with Scarlez-T technique is performed by the doctor's specific technique. Causing surgery in this way is very small. Or barely seeing the wound that.

3. The wound healed faster, no swelling, bruising with attention and detail in the surgery, resulting in results that meet the needs of those who have undergone surgery, resulting in very little swelling after surgery. Or barely swollen Important lost quickly.

4. Do not have to stay for a long time. With double eyelid technique using Scarlez-T technique combined with expertise Is the professional of Dr. Thir That cares about every detail Kindly every step The double eyelid that looks natural Do not waste time working. Only a few days can work Or use everyday life normally.

5. In addition, eye surgery and eye reconstructive surgery are important. Because of the most beautiful eye surgery Not just making double eyelids alone. Because in most people there will be more or less eye conditions And doing double eyelid surgery alone can cause catastrophes (See more details in Surgical eye surgery and eye surgery.

What you will get 

1.Beautiful eyes look sharp and shaped. No need to repeat
2.The eyes look natural. Not too powerless Can not catch the fault
3.Complete home immediately
4.Use daily life as usual
5.Guaranteed by medical specialists in eye surgery



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